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Chloe Sturm 

Animas High School Student Artist

A colorful exploration of the Human body. Using acrylic, watercolor, oil paints and more.

Chloe Sturm is an emerging Artist who uses her craft to explore the autonomy of the human body. She often paints friends, family or herself. Chloe likes to play with emotion of one’s body by illustrating it as bright, expressive and intriguing. She is highly inspired by works of Egon Shiele and classical autonomy studies. Chloe is a Senior at Animas High School where she practices all kinds of hobbies including creative writing, photography and studio art. She even has her own clothing line that uses cyanotype techniques to “sun print” onto fabric. Chloe is a local in Durango and plans to attend The Fashion Institute of Technology where she will broaden her skills within art and fashion. 


Instagram: @manicpixiedreamgirldoesart

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