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Heidi Chowen

heidi chowen | studio


Captivated with art from a young age, Heidi has used different mediums and explored various methods to create unique and intuitive art over the years. As an award winning photographer for over the past fifteen years, Heidi has been published in numerous noteworthy magazines and news entities and has been trusted to photograph some pretty amazing people. She currently focuses on her fine art collections exploring the relationship with the soul, nature, light and energy through a multidisciplinary approach.

Her experience with an NDE has given her a unique experience of calm and gratitude with the desire to further explore the nature of life and the soul journey.

“Creating art is just something my soul loves.   I am obsessed with using various mediums to explore the relationship between nature, energy and the thread of light that connects everything.  Through the layering technique in my art, I am looking to not only create depth from a unique perspective, but to also uncover the authentic nature inside and create an ethereal feeling of connection.”

Studio Address: 2420 Columbine Drive, Durango, CO 81301

Phone: 303-886-5522




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