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Yvonne Holland

Fiddling Potter Studio

I have been passionately involved in the Fine Arts since childhood. My love of drawing, painting, photography, pottery, music and writing have propelled me through life. I attended both St. Lawrence University and Arizona State University; where I received my master's degree. After teaching Art in the public schools for over three decades in Arizona, the San Juan Mountains beckoned.


Painting en plein air allows a sensory experience of place which deeply affects one's visual understanding. The vibrancy of pastel complements the excitement & joy of painting outdoors.


I divide my time between plein air painting, throwing functional stoneware pottery, practicing Celtic fiddle... as well as enjoying hiking, skiing and snowshoeing. Each Sunday, I play in a Celtic Session held at 11th Street Station in downtown Durango. My husband and I both are part of the Celtic band, Truckely Howe.


​Studio Address: 227 Hermosa Acres Drive, Durango, CO 81301



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