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Patrice DeLorenzo

Patrice DeLorenzo Fine Art Gallery LLC


Patrice DeLorenzo, a native of Boston residing in Durango, Colorado is a passionate lifelong painter who holds a BFA and MFA in Drawing & Painting. Her passion is also her livelihood. She teaches private and group classes & workshops as well as teaches at San Juan College in Farmington, NM - most semesters since the Fall of 2020. In early 2023 she completed a commission of 6 large custom paintings for a new home nestled in the Aspens near Durango Mountain Resort in Colorado. This project began in 2022 when she also completed a portrait for a book cover and a memorial portrait painting of 2 dogs.


DeLorenzo’s paintings reflect her experiences and love for nature, most generally in the form of landscapes and florals. The essence of her paintings reflects the connection between creative spirit and spirituality. The depth of feeling, years of experience, and memories encompassed are beautiful, touching, and moving. Her work has sold in galleries from Boston, to the Midwest, to Durango, Colorado.


Patrice’s expressive brushwork and exquisite use of color create poignant, narrative, and moving images. They reconnect us to the sensitive and dynamic beauty of the natural world and our own beloved memories and feelings.


Learn from her how to tap more deeply into your creative spirit and how you can communicate your creative gift through painting. Patrice’s Studio on Main Ave in Durango offers new courses and classes.

Studio Address: 1911 Main Ave, Suite 246, Durango, CO 81301

Phone: 970-799-8838





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