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Below are some commonly asked questions about the Durango Open Studio Tour.

I live outside Durango – can I participate and register as an artist?

All Artist Registrants must have a studio within the Greater Durango Area, with a Durango zip code. We make an exception for the Shenandoah/Lake Durango/Hesperus neighborhoods, because those neighborhoods are in close proximity, and half are in 81301, half in 81303.

Is my studio "tour-worthy"? It's so small, messy, and not perfect...

We think tiny studios are the most inspiring, because they let people know you can create anywhere! We welcome studios of all shapes, sizes. Corner-of-the-livingroom studios sometimes encourage the most creativity!


How many people will visit my studio?

There are no guarantees of number of visitors, but most 2022 artists entertained between 50-60 visitors over the course of the weekend.


Do I have to sell art on the Tour?

While 80% of artists sold art or related merchandise in the 2022 Durango Open Studio Tour, it’s not a requirement to sell art, or even have art for sale. The tour is about meeting, connecting and exploring, too! It's also about:

  • Exposure of my work

  • Feedback from the public

  • Meeting new people and gaining referrals

  • Networking: Connecting with other artists and professionals, in and outside of my medium

  • Introducing my work to possible collectors, galleries or curators

  • Keeping people abreast of recent work


Do have enough completed work to participate as an artist?

People take part in the tour to meet artists in their authentic studio space, to see their process, and be inspired by their work. There is no minimum amount of art to show.


Do I pay DOST a commission for work I sell on the tour?

100% of art sales go to you, the artist… each artist sets their own prices and payment options.


How many studios can I visit in a day?

It depends on how much time you spend at each studio, but some tour participants visited 6-12 studios in a day.


What can I expect on the tour?

Be prepared to be inspired, experience unique art, purchase art as a gift or for yourself, ask questions, and have an inside peek at an artist studio... bring your curiosity and enjoy!

Are the studios handicap accessible?

Some are! A blue "H" on the2023 Artist Page and on the brochure map indicates that the studio is handicap accessible.


Can I contact artist afterwards?

Yes! A beautiful part of the DOST are the lasting personal relationships that are formed as you experience each artist studio. The artist's contact information will remain on this website for 10 months after the tour.


How long is the tour? 

10-4pm September 22-24. Many people visit half the studios on Saturday, and half on Sunday, or just choose their favorite artists to visit if they only have a few hours. 


Where do I begin??

Map out your tour by looking through the brochure (available early September) or come to the Opening Exhibit Friday, September 22 to meet artists and see a sample of their work. Visit the artist page to learn more about each artist and view their work online.

Still Have Questions? Contact Us.

We welcome your questions and comments, and would love to have volunteers for the event!

Let us know if you’d like to help.

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