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Lindy Ivie

Lindy Ivie Fine Art

Lindy minored in art in college while majoring in education. She also studied with master artists: David Lefell, Albert Handell, Ken Auster, Daniel Gerhartz, Edward Aldrich, Lyn Boyer, Laura Robb, and others. Lindy places emphasis on developing good color relationships in her representational oil paintings with a good interplay of light and shadow with warm and cool colors.


She works in both her studio and outdoors as a member of the Plein Air Painters of the Four Corners. 
Lindy's art emerged as a child when she was influenced by her dad, a professional illustrator. She loved to draw portraits, both of people and animals. Later in life, after raising a family and retiring from her careers as both an educator and working at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, her interest broadened to include oil painting. She says, "When I'm working outdoors I find little comparison to the oneness I have with nature. I enjoy experiencing the breathtaking beauty of our natural world directly. Here in the Four Corners region we are blessed with spectacular color tapestries of sky, mountains, deserts, and meadows, with their kaleidoscope of hues." 


Lindy believes that through painting, the artists get to capture a moment in time as they savor the beauty of a stand of aspen trees turning gold in autumn, or the joy of observing a child digging in the sand at the beach. She considers art to be a celebration of life and strives to capture and communicate the splendor of the world around us as we all live our lives.

Phone:  505-690-4903



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