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Renee Cornue

Renee Cornue Studio

Renee Anna Cornue is a fine art and street photographer based in Durango, Colorado. Through her work, Renee seeks to immortalize sentimentality, culture, and language. She enjoys the challenge of responding to and interpreting her given environment, creating visual narratives by way of light, shapes, colors, and connection. Her family’s mysterious past fuels her motivation to capture and represent the inner-workings of human emotion. Irony and happenstance are common threads in her work, as a whimsical, bruised optimist.

Her primary photography formats are 4x5" and 35mm, and digital. She enjoys the love-labor of editorial pieces, stringing together words and images to express an array of emotions. She has exhibited in Rome, Italy, the Colorado State Capitol, Austin, Texas and Durango, Colorado. She has been published in Austin analog boudoir publication, Peachfuzz, Bluegrass Today, as well as local news outlets such as the Durango Herald and DGO. 


During her time at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, Renee seized opportunities to study abroad in Northern Ireland and Costa Rica. These experiences garnered her dedication to her craft. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Photocommunications as well as a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Policy in 2016, Renee went on to become the Film and Digital Archivist for Merlin Tuttle’s Bat Conservation, where she developed the photographic data management system that the nonprofit uses to this day. In 2019, she relocated to Durango, Colorado. In 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Renee started her own business, Renee Cornue Studio, in Downtown Durango. In 2021, Renee self published a photobook entitled FEVER DREAM, which, through visual narrative, attempts to unpack her own inherited family trauma and how that manifested her love of storytelling through photography. Her time is dedicated to learning, networking, teaching, and pursuing far-fetched dreams. 

Studio Address: 862 Main Avenue, Ste. 222, Durango, CO, 81301

Phone: 512-831-2062


Instagram: @reneecornue_studio

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